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Pin PackageStatusTracker to Your Browser

Click the jigsaw puzzle piece at the top right corner of your browser and select PackageStatusTracker in the dropdown menu. That’s it!

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That’s it! Browse like normal & access all your shipping updates with the click of an icon!

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App Features

Activate Extension Window

To open PackageStatusTracker, simply click the floating action button while visiting any website.

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Enter and Search Tracking Details

Enter the tracking number to quickly reference all of your packages up to date information directly from your mail courier.


View Tracking History

Get an overview of all the packages entered and their current status along with their date of shipping and estimated time of arrival!


Disable the Action Button

You can hide the extension action button by clicking the PackageStatusTracker Icon in the top toolbar and selecting “disable extension everywhere.” To re-engage simply select “engage extension everywhere” for it to return.



Keep Your Data within Your Control

Your privacy is a priority and we want to be present only when you want us to. You have the power to choose how and when you’d like us to appear. In order for PackageStatusTracker to function properly it requires browser access. Click the jigsaw icon and grant access by clicking the extension bar.


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